The 6th Mar 2021 Manila

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International Symposium for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity


We are very honored to announce that we will organize the International Symposium for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity to exchange the experiences of nine Asian countries.

Date is on the 6th March 2021 at 10 a.m. UTC+8.

Language is English.

Please participate in the Symposium. Seats are limited to 80 slots only. Please register NOW!!

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ADMISSION Fee: USD 30.00 Student:USD20(Please attach the student ID)
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BDO account #004610158038

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Zoom link details will be sent to you close to the event date.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at # 09178333395( Philippines only) or send an inquiry at


Our dream and our goal will be the day when we don’t have to use the word ”Inclusion” That is where all people are included to the society, live equally and no one is left behind as it is said in SDGs. That becomes as a matter of course.

However the reality is on the way to achieve this dream. To realize “inclusion” and “diversity” in a real sense, it is necessary to have step by step exercise and effort in each society. This Symposium is designed to exchange the experience we all strive everyday for realizing “Inclusion” and “Diversity”.

The theme of the symposium is “Beyond Welfare Towards Social Participation, the Effectiveness of the Arts Practiced by Persons with Disabilities in Asia” We hope that we can discuss the power of arts by PWD not as a mean of welfare but as a mean of social participation. We would also like to discuss about the people outside of social inclusion. We also hope that the symposium will open to everybody not only the specialists but to the general public to actually feel and experience “Inclusion” and “Diversity”.


The symposium consists of two parts. Part I is about Arts Inclusion and Diversity in general. Part II is about Implementation of SAORI Weaving in the Society. We pick up SAORI Weaving as a good example of Inclusion.

We also present music performance from Japan (Otoasobi Project and Mr. Niikura Takeo), dance performance from Hong Kong(Centre for Community Culture Development) & SAORI Fashion Show(SAORI Hands of Love, Philippines & Others).


Philippines, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan


To implement “Art For All” in showing the arts by all to all people.

To share and vitalize the successful example in Asia of Arts Culture and Expression by the specialist and practitioner on the advanced cases.

Through SAORI fashion show, not only the specialists but the general public can experience inclusion and diversity which appeals the glorious value for all people.


Arts are the activities of self-expression. They magnify the ability of human-being and represent value of living. To collect and exchange the cases of the Arts create the society where all people have well-being and purpose of life. In Asia, the interest towards inclusion and diversity is rising. Many cases are practiced and promote the participation of PWD and vulnerable people to the society.


To strengthen the network of inclusive society with diversity through the exchange of views. of the cases. Not only the specialists, but the general publics’ views can look up the possibility of the power of the Arts.

To empower all people by Arts to make the society inclusive and diverse.


We would also like to ask you to share the information and introduce the audiences to the Symposium. Please assist us as far as you may.

It was a sudden invitation. But this project is planed and started 2 years ago. Because of the sudden cancelation from the Pilipino sponsor and as you know by COVID-19, the plan was delayed and the final decision was really recently made.

Your positive involvement will make the symposium more fruitful. Your kind collaboration would be much appreciated.

Hirasawa Yoko (Ms)

Representative director

Art For All Japan

Co-organizer International Symposium for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity (ISAID)

LEARN & GROW: The new normal with COVID 19 pandemic resources touches all people with different walks of life. It can look different depending on whether are there social distancing, virtual or digitalization transformation. During this sudden pandemic, and challenging time, life can still be good, we can still be together., one heart, one mind, learning happens and friendship continue to strive . It is through the International Symposium for Arts Inclusion & Diversity will enable us to gather valuable resources among families with person with disabilities professionals and also general public. It enables us to participate in and keep us to communicate, live and strive our dream, hope for a better community through the arts; a way of life.

Rebecca Martinez Santos

Chairperson (ISAID)

Founder / Executive Director

St. Francis Integrated Arts School / SAORI Hands of Love

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Download the pdf web flyer here.