The 20th Feb 2021 Manila

International Symposium for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity

LEARN & GROW: The new normal with COVID 19 pandemic resources touches all people with different walks of life. It can look different depending on whether are there social distancing, virtual or digitalization transformation. During this sudden pandemic, and challenging time, life can still be good, we can still be together., one heart, one mind, learning happens and friendship continue to strive . It is through the International Symposium for Arts Inclusion &Diversity will enable us to gather valuable resources among families with person with disabilities professionals and also general public. It enables us to participate in and keep us to communicate, live and strive our dream, hope for a better community through the art of hand weaving; a way of life.

We are honored to announce you that the International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity will be held in Manila, Philippines on the 20th February 2021.

Due to COVID 19, the schedules are partly not confirmed. Yet, for those who are interested, we will welcome your enquiries. Please let us know your contact. We will provide you the latest information.

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International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity

Theme: Beyond Welfare Towards Social Participation
Effectiveness of the Arts Practiced by Persons with Disabilities in Asia

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